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Quasar Instruments' DemoLab

DemoLab™ Mobile Showroom and Training Center

DemoLab™ is a fully equipped state-of-the-art mobile tradeshow that travels around the country offering customers the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with the newest and most innovative laboratory equipment on the market. Educational seminars are also prepared and presented based on your labs needs and interests. Past seminars have included HPLC & Solid phase extraction segments, new techniques in homogenization, centrifuge safety and proper pipetting techniques.

Demonstration Equipment:

PipettesHomogenizersCentrifugesBalancesShakersMicroscopesAutomated Liquid HandlingTitratorsHPLC PrepSolid Phase ExtractionMultiparameter Meters• And Much More!

Innovative Equipment:

Homogenizer with Striking TechnologyCatalytic DNA Tester
Virtually Indestructible BalancePersonal Solvent Evaporator

For more information about DemoLab contact us at:

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