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Capp Pipettes

Capp Pipette

The CappAero pipette is simply the best pipette on the market.  Capp manufactures all of their pipettes from the most durable materials including anodized aluminum, high-grade stainless steel and plastics.  The Capp pipette features the innovative control knob (please see videos below for demonstration), this feature allows the same pipette handle to be converted from a variable volume pipette to a fixed volume pipette simply by changing the control knob.  This control knob also makes the Capp pipette one of the easiest and most intuitive pipettes on the market to calibrate (please see video above) or the Capp Pipette Calibration Instructions.  The Capp pipettes are all fully autoclavable and feature a 3 year warranty.

Capp has a designed a pipette for every need.  The Capp Aero offers the traditional buttons for dispense and eject while the Capp Comfort Pipette is Capp's ergonomical pipette and uses a design which greatly reduces operator strain by utilizing an ejection handle.  Capp also designed pipettes for specific applications including the Capp Microbiology Pipette.  The Capp Fixed Volume ecoPipette is exceptionally unique in that you can switch volumes or upgrade them to an adjustable volume pipette.  The Capp Trio Pipette is a fixed volume pipette that comes with 3 fixed volume knobs for each pipette making it 3 fixed volume pipettes in one handle.

Still not convinced?  We are so confident that you will not find a better pipette that we will ship your order out to you for a 30 day no obligation trial.  Use the pipettes for free for 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied return them  and pay nothing.  For more information contact us at: [email protected]

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Pipette Capp CappAero Pipette
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Pipette Capp CappAero Pipette
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CappAero Comfort with variable volume knob
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Capp Trio
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CappAero Comfort with a fixed volume knob
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Capp Rhythm Mechanical Repeater
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Capp Comfort Line Starter Kits
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Capp CappAero Pipette Starter Kits
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