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Capp Rhythm

Capp Rhythm Mechanical Repeater


The Capp Rhythm mechanical repeater pipette is a very ergonomic repeater pipette that covers 1 uL to 5,000 uL.  The repeater pipette can easily be operated single-handed including volume selection, loading and dispensing.  The repeater requires the bare minimum maintenance as the robust design has almost wear on the moving parts.  The Mechanical Repeater Pack comes with a Capp Rhythm Repeater and a selection of Capp Harmony repeater syringes. 

Mechanical Repeater
Capp Rhythm mechanical repeater for 0.05 mL to 50 mL syringes
Price: $0.00
Adaptor for 25 and 50 mL syringes
Adaptor for 25 and 50mL large bore Harmony syringes, 3 pcs
Regular Price: $22.58
Our Price: $16.00

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