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Quasar Instruments is committed to offering products that strictly
meet our principles and exceed our customer’s expectations:

Product Tags

Quality Tag
Quality - The Quality mark means a long-lasting and reliable product with durability that far exceeds industry standards. Products in this category have been known to last under strenuous operating conditions for years if not decades. Quality products are superior in their class and promise a grade of excellence that gives you the foundation needed for producing dependable results.
Value Tag
Value - These products offer a perfect blend of quality and cost. Equipped with basic features for the job at hand, our value products are a great way to save on your budget, without sacrificing dependability. Products with this icon have earned a place in being the most cost-effective products Quasar has to offer.
Budget Tag
Budget - Equipped with basic features for the task at hand, Budget products are a great way to extend your lab’s purchasing power while meeting industry durability and performance standards. Products with this icon are the most cost-effective in their category.

Feature Tags

Innovation Tag
Innovation - Look for the innovation tag on products with unique features that set them apart from competitors in their category. We have sought out industry leaders in innovation to bring additional product value and functionality to your lab.