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GOlab Revs up for Summer Shows
Quasar Instruments is over a third of the way through our GOlab 2013 tour where research hits the road! Along with our tour partners, Gilson and Hanna Instruments, we have visited over 30 Universities and Research centers across the country and we are just getting started! For more information about how to bring GOlab to your research facility, register at the GOlab site.

Introducing the Redesigned Ripette Pro
Mechanical Repeater!

Ripette Pro

The Ritter ripette® pro is a German made robust mechanical repeater pipette that covers a range from 1 uL to 5,500 uL. The 10 dispensing settings provide all the volume information with just the turn of a dial, making the ripette pro easier to use and more versatile than the standard ripette. Conveniently and reliably displays information as an electronic display repeater without the hassle of charging the unit. Compared to other mechanical repeaters on the market, the ripette pro is:
  • Ergonomic – Fits more comfortably in your hand
  • Lightweight – Less fatigue when repetitive dispensing
  • Reliable – Chemical resistant and virtually maintenance free
  • Cost Effective – Affordable and designed to work with syringes from Brandt and Eppendorf
  • Includes 1 year warranty
  • We also carry Ritter ritips® Repeater syringes in many different sizes and guarantee the syringes are offered at significant savings compared to our competitors. Ritter ritips are compatible with most repeaters on the market.

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    Ritter Ripette Pro, Mechanical Repeater

    Ritter Repeater Syringe Tips


    Purchase the Bullet Blender and
    Receive $200 Store Credit

    Bullet Blender Storm

    If tissue homogenization is part of your application, you should take a minute to learn more about this innovative instrument from Next Advance. Take a look at the protocols designed to help you get the best results possible from your samples. Don’t see a protocol for you? No problem, we will customize a protocol for your application. The Bullet Blender Storm simplifies homogenization by allowing the rapid processing of up to 24 samples at one time. The Bullet Blender Storm utilizes a patented striking technology that generates much more force than traditional bead based homogenizers; imagine holding a bead-filled tube and shaking it versus striking it on the bench top. The Bullet Blender protects the integrity of your samples during homogenization with its built-in Air Cooling™ system. Request a quote by 5/31 and receive a $200 store credit with any Bullet Blender purchase!

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    Bullet Blender - Innovative Bead Homogenizer

    Citizen CX-265 Overstock Sale
    Semi Microbalance & Analytical Balance in One!

    Citizen CX-265 Balance

    Need a new balance for the summer or fall semester? Consider the Citizen CX-265. The CX-265 by Citizen is a reliable weighing solution for a multitude of applications by functioning as a Semi Microbalance with a 60g capacity or an Analytical balance with a 210g capacity. GLP/GMP compliant, this model features automatic internal calibration, 3-5 second response time, an RS232 interface, and comes with a 2 year warranty. Take advantage of our Overstock Pricing quickly on this balance as limited quantities are available at this price and will be gone soon!

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    Citizen CX-265 (0.01/0.1mg Readability)

    A Tale of Two Centrifuges
    Where Classic Value Meets New Design

    Micro12 and Gusto Centrifuges

    When selecting a Micro Centrifuge for your lab you have many factors to consider: You need to be sure that you have the speed required to effectively spin your samples down, the capacity to increase your throughput, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your centrifuge is built to last. You also need to consider your budget and get the most value that you can. The Micro 12 from Hanil is an extremely reliable and economical micro centrifuge. With adjustable speeds up to 13,500rpm our Micro 12 is very powerful. It is as small as a mini centrifuge but as fast as a micro high speed and it comes with a 5 year warranty. The Gusto is the latest micro centrifuge from Heathrow Scientific and features variable timer and speed settings, selectable digital display of speed in Xg/rpm, and low noise and vibration. With a Small footprint, it fits easily on all bench tops and is a breeze to use!

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    Hanil Micro12 Mini Centrifuge

    Gusto Mini Centrifuge


    Benchmark Releases New Durable
    & Affordable Thermal Cycler


    Benchmark has just released a compact Thermal Cycler with durability for high-throughput labs and affordability for academic labs. The TC9639 Thermal Cycler features an intuitive touch-screen interface where you select or enter your PCR protocol. A multi-format block is included with the TC9639, allowing you to use typical PCR tubes, non-skirted plates, or even 0.5 mL tubes. Additional blocks are available for 384 well plates and slides. With a fully adjustable heated lid your samples are protected against evaporation and condensation. Amplifying your DNA samples is made easy with the TC9639 Thermal Cycler! For other options, see the affordable and easy-to-use ExtraGene EG3200 and the gradient capable EG9600 Thermal Cyclers.

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    Benchmark TC9639 Thermal Cycler

    ExtraGene EG3200 Thermal Cycler

    ExtraGene EG9600 Thermal Cycler

    Centrifan Personal Evaporator with $200 Store Credit!


    The Centrifan™ PE has become one of our most popular innovative products. This convenient, compact evaporator/concentrator is used in research, pharmaceutical, and biotech labs working with any small sample dry down protocol. The Centrifan PE will save time because of the ability to dry down samples without the monitoring required with some Rotovaps. The system also works well for processing fractions collected from flash liquid chromatography. Pharmaceutical and university labs working with radioactive and other highly toxic compounds will appreciate the advantage of the green chemistry design that traps solvents in the Centrifan's enclosed system. It requires no vacuum pump, has a small footprint, and needs no blow down gas or ventilation. Request a quote for the Centrifan before 5/31 to lock in your store credit upon purchase.

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    Centrifan Personal Solvent Evaporator

    Work2Store - Transforms from storage rack
    to working rack


    Reduce sample handling time and the need for several racks when working with samples for cold temperature storage. A forward thinking opening and closing mechanism allows the rack to expand, creating needed room for sample manipulation. Then, simply collapse the rack back to its compact form and it is ready for the freezer! Also provides a great way to store your microtubes while away from your lab bench. We are so impressed with the new Work2Store rack that all purchases in May worth $500 or more have the option of receiving this innovative rack for free! Please submit request with order.

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    Work2Store Expandable Rack

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